Customer engagement has become an most rivalry aspect that can even influence on the ongoing business . Hence that is the big concern the businesses worldwide outsource the different campaigns , nature of work , responsibilities to the call centers so they can expand their business growth .We the ilex business solutions ,one of the best call center outsourcing firm offer specialized ,trusted , uninterrupted call center solutions over the globe . With an experience of more than 5 – 6 years working with several clients in various different industries we have gained immense experience out of it which help businesses in terms of growth .We have an access to the energetic , young and well trained executives who will be qualified enough to deliver all kinds of efficiency required for the outsourced campaign / process by the business.

As a leading call center outsourcing firm we provide a functioning of 24 x 7 , 365 days a year .So basically the clients from different countries can expect a full time support for the outsourced campaign . Well even in terms of cost reduction by outsourcing the business to specialised service provider can reduce the manpower cost and help the business owners to get stress free from hiring resources and training & management related issues . We even follow the latest technologies available in market as an ivr technologies or internet led telephony which don’t even let the costing low for business ,certainly it helps us the business to optimize more profitability . The ilex business solutions is best in practicing , process monitoring ,client reporting ,giving feedbacks in comparison to other companies in market as we believe in giving high level of efficiency work to increase nature and growth of business .


To provide comprehensive Telemarketing consultation and creation of advertisement campaigns to our clients.

Outbound Telemarketing Services includes:

  • Making calls to your target prospects and converting them into customers.
  • Making calls to your potentials consumers and analysis the demand of the consumer.
  • Making calls to your potentials & new customers and check the availability of the product in that particular regions and make availability of the product in that particular remote areas also.
  • We will call new customers and spread the information & awareness of the product and connect them to the Business.
    Making calls to the customer to tell them about the quality, dietary, & ingredients of the product and their nutritional benefits.
  • Informing about the arrival of new outlet & product of business
  • Weekly Reports every Saturday in EXCEL or CSV File

Inbound Telemarketing services:

  • To sought out the consumer’s problems & issues regarding the advantage & disadvantage of the product.
  • To handle the customers queries and resolve it as soon as possible.
  • Taking orders from the individuals and small scale industries to enhance the business of Mahaveer Food Ltd.
  • Also inform & spread the knowledge that why should the individual consumer buy the product and its beneficial aspect too.
  • Weekly Reports every Saturday in EXCEL or CSV File.
  • Receiving calls from your existing customers or new customers who are looking for your products and outlet address.
  • Providing customer satisfaction by solving there queries and working on new demands in food products.

Different Advertisement Aspects :
1. SMS Marketing

  • You don’t need to provide data to send SMS; we will provide you 100 % delivery & accuracy.
  • Sending SMSs to your target prospects and providing information regarding your new scheme or new products launch.
  • We are having PAN India Genuine Filtered Database

2. Radio FM Marketing

  • We will provide you 15 seconds of ‘ON AIR marketing ‘with 20 spots per day for about a month.
  • We also provide PAN INDIA FM BLACKOUT.

Assumptions & Responsibilities:

  • You will provide content, photographs, literature, etc.
  • You will provide your services and company information to the iLex staff as needed and make themselves available for business strategy discussions.

3. Newspaper Advertisement

  • We provide high RESOLUTION physical newspaper advertisement and online tabloid advertisement as well, which will attract the online readers and audience PAN India
  • We will work on the best rates as per the clients requirements.

4. Pamphlets / Brochures / Leaflet Marketing

  • Distribution of Pamphlets, Brochures, and Leaflets by experienced staff as they will inform people about awareness of opening of outlet and the products respectively.
  • Distribution of Pamphlets / Brochures / Leaflet at prime location on daily basis pan INDIA
  • We Recommend as per the past experiences we have; most of our clients announces for special offers or initiate some cash back offers or vouchers to be distributed along with pamphlets to gather the crowd for couple of Weeks / Days.

5. Print media

  • Preferred Size as per the visibility {ex :- (8’x4’ ) (16’x 8‘) }
  • Designing banners, hoardings and LED Billboards whichever sizes you wanted.
  • Printing them as per your required aspects .

6. On-screen Advertising (Theatres)

  • We will promote your business by showing an on screen advertisement PAN INDIA.
  • Minimum avail should be for 28 Days (1 month).
  • We make it visible on PVR, Innox and other multiplex of the particular regions(Pan india)

7. Local Cable TV Operator.